Atlanta Pro Teams Support Legal Gambling in Georgia

Atlanta Pro Teams Support Legal Gambling in Georgia

Love for sports is not bringing new fans to home games in Atlanta. Sports team owners think of ways to engage with fans, including high-end restaurants and bars in stadiums and indoor batting cages. At present, Atlanta pro teams are suggesting sports betting to engage the fans.

The Falcons, Hawks, Braves, and United want their supports to get behind them by betting on their games. The teams say that it will result in deeper fan engagement. People will care more about the group because it is their money at stake with each bet.

The Atlanta pro teams are lobbying the Georgia Legislature to make sports betting legal in the state. The Pro-sport organizations told sports wagering sites that much money goes to Vegas or overseas. Instead of money going out, the state can keep the money within its borders.

Atlanta Pro Teams Wants Legal Gambling

Atlanta Pro Teams Support Legal Gambling in GeorgiaThe pro teams did gambling reviews and concluded that the state could earn millions of dollars for better education or other initiatives. At present, gambling is legal in all 50 states. Teams urged Georgia lawmakers to cash in today or be left behind by its neighbors.

The four professional teams formed a partnership to lobby the government to pass a gambling bill. A sports forum asked fans about the plan, and most of them support the team’s actions. They see sports betting to help the state government grow its revenue.

At present, the Georgia Lottery is the only legal gambling in Atlanta. The four teams said that they are not making money directly from gambling. Instead, they are lobbying legalized gambling to fund the Hope Scholarship.

The sports teams’ actions were aligned with the recent move made by some Georgia lawmakers. A house panel is going across the state and educating citizens about their planned gambling expansion bill. The teams should communicate with lawmakers and work towards a common goal.

If you are an Atlanta sports fan, be sure to read gambling tutorials. That way, you’ll know what to do when gambling becomes legal in the state.

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