Philippine Casino Industry Needs AML Reform

The Philippines should make further changes to improve its enemy of tax evasion (AML) and combatting the financing of psychological oppression (CFT) measures corresponding to the country’s gambling club industry, says a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The asset said in a Friday official statement that its chiefContinue Reading

Michigan Online Gambling Off to a Good Start

Casinos are getting new customers as Michigan online gambling became legal. Next month will be a significant month for sports betting due to the NCAA college basketball tournament. Avid fans and bettors in the state are more than willing to wager during March Madness. Online gambling was off to aContinue Reading

Chinese Hackers Target Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling companies are the latest targets of ransomware attacks. According to sports wagering companies, Chinese hackers target online gambling sites. Cybersecurity experts identified the hacker group as Emissary Panda. It is also known as the Advanced Persistent Threat or APT27. Trend Micro reported last February that a Chinese hackingContinue Reading