Gambling Tax Increase in India May Affect the Industry

Gambling Tax Increase in India May Affect the Industry

Lawmakers pushed for a significant change in how they tax the gambling industry in India. The regulator wants a gambling tax increase in India of 28 percent for online gambling, horseracing, and casinos. That means an increase of 28 percent for all gambling activities in the country.

Fantasy sports and other forms of gambling used to be subject to an 18 percent tax. But after the new amendment, gaming is taxed in the same way as gambling. When the GST was first implemented in July 2017, the Council announced that the new tax rate would be retroactively applied to that date.

In the past, gambling, and gaming taxes were levied as a percentage of an establishment’s total take. According to sources, this aspect has evolved since the government levied taxes on players’ cumulative wagers.

Gambling Tax Increase in India

Gambling Tax Increase in India May Affect the IndustryOne expert in the field predicts that the Indian government would face further difficulties due to the confluence of these contentious judgments, which have placed many entrepreneurs in a precarious position. In a recent op-ed for Nikkei Asia, Ritesh Kumar Singh, CEO of the policy research and consultancy firm Indonomics Consulting, offered his thoughts. He elaborated on the present situation, saying that many firms operating in the gaming and gambling industry may soon go bankrupt.

Singh stated that firms in the industry had been sent notifications demanding payment of billions of rupees in arrears, citing news sources. In addition, he referred to allegations from corporations that said they were being asked to pay ten times their yearly income in taxes under the new system.

An expert in the field noted that even while the government is trying to rein in the country’s public debt, tax income only accounts for about 11 percent of GDP.

Concentrating on the gaming industry, he foresaw that operators would keep providing their services despite increased taxes due to the great demand. However, Singh cautioned that the higher tax rate may encourage some businesses to hide cash transactions to decrease their tax liability. According to Korean sportsbook experts, other gaming establishments may follow suit and break the law.

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