New York State Still Discussing Seneca Gaming Compact

New York State Still Discussing Seneca Gaming Compact

New York state officials are pressured to sign a new Seneca gaming compact before the deal expires in less than ninety days. However, there is no progress in the negotiations with the Seneca Nations of Indians.

According to online gambling reports, Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio, representing the 148th District in Western New York, is becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of progress in negotiations between the state and the Seneca Nation. Noting that he had heard nothing of any progress, he stressed the critical nature of the situation. Also, he warned that time was running out. Many in Giglio’s district share his worries; tribal casinos are among the area’s top employment, helping to support tens of thousands of locals. People can also place baseball prop bets in casinos.

Before its expiration on December 9th, the existing gaming compact gave the Seneca Nation exclusive rights to provide Class III Gaming in the state’s Western portion in exchange for 25 percent of gambling revenues. When the two sides finally came to a provisional agreement in June, it appeared like things were looking up for their negotiations. However, delays and tensions between the parties ensued as local officials in Rochester voiced their opposition to the planned casino.

Seneca Gaming Compact

New York State Still Discussing Seneca Gaming CompactIn addition to the impending deadline, other obstacles include the necessity for permission from Seneca Nation residents by referendum vote, approval from the US Department of the Interior, and authorization from the State Legislature. According to sports betting site reports, the intricacy of these criteria increases the negotiators’ sense of urgency.

Seneca President Rickey Armstrong Sr. stressed the significance of the talks, saying that establishing a fair contract was their top concern. He hoped for more open communication with the government, stressing the positive economic effects such talks would have. Armstrong emphasized the significance of these outcomes, noting that they benefited not just the Seneca people but also their many employees, collaborators, and the whole Western New York region.

Assemblyman Giglio went even further in venting his anger, calling into question the state’s strategy in the discussions.

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