Bankroll Management in Soccer Betting

Bankroll Management in Soccer Betting

Bankroll management is vital when you are betting on sports. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to manage the available money in your football betting account.

The margins in Korean sports betting are extremely thin. As a result of -110 juice, the break-even point is 52 percent. Also, it relies on winning more than 60 percent of your wagers.

That means the difference between losing and winning is only a couple of percentage points in both directions. As a result, properly managing your bankroll is one of the most vital skills in sports betting.

Bankroll Management Tips

Bankroll Management in Soccer BettingYou can decide how much money you set aside for soccer betting. However, it is crucial that you can afford the amount you wager. Also, your bankroll should not affect your ability to pay current or future bills.

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the amount you can afford to lose. That way, you will not run into financial trouble in the future.

Another thing to consider is that the bankroll is at least 50 units. However, we recommend having a bankroll of 100 to 200 units. We use units in our tutorial because players have different bankrolls.

Generally, we recommend making a wager of around one to three percent of the bankroll. Beginners and cautious players should wager one to two percent. We recommend not going above five percent of the bankroll if you are an aggressive player. However, betting the maximum is risky. Smaller stakes lower your risk of being forced to change your soccer wagering strategy because your bankroll is becoming smaller.

For our sports betting tutorials, we will have a bankroll of $100 with 100 units as an example. Thus, each unit is $1. If you double your bankroll, then a unit will be $2. On the other hand, losing wagers will result in a smaller unit size.

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