Factors to Consider for KBL Totals Betting

Factors to Consider for KBL Totals Betting

KBL totals betting is not just monitoring a team’s points in each game, its opponent’s points per game, and their defenses. Instead, it would be best to consider other factors impacting over/under wagers. Thus, we made this tutorial to ensure you optimize your totals when betting on the KBL.

Although the KBL’s offense has never been more effective, does this inherently indicate that overs are the new trend in sports betting, or have oddsmakers taken notice and made adjustments? With the patterns that follow, we’ll get into some of that.

KBL Totals Betting Tips

Factors to Consider for KBL Totals BettingEvery game, except for overtime, lasts 48 minutes, and the final tally for your over-under wager is the number of points scored. However, determining whether or not that figure will reach is a little more challenging but is now more straightforward, thanks to some analytical support.

When determining over-under totals, betting odds experts consider this, but the impact may be noticeable. For example, when playing a faster-paced squad, a slower-paced team is more likely to speed up the game than the other way around. Therefore, your predicted game total may change depending on how quickly each side plays, either by adding or subtracting a few possessions (and points).

On any given day, teams play most games: Teams played 1,463 out of possible 2,460 games in 2018, or a little under 60%, with a day in between. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that teams with one day of rest scored an average of 106.5 points per game as opposed to 104.3 points or more when they had two or more days of rest (106.2). According to online sports betting sources, the disparity isn’t astounding. However, too much or too little sleep disrupts a KBL player’s preferred pattern.

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