First Indian Heads Up Poker Championship

First Indian Heads Up Poker Championship

9Stacks will host the most anticipated event in India. It is the Heads Up Poker Championship that started on November 24. The championship will take place in No-Limit Hold’em format with a buy-in of INR 5500. There are no second chances, so players must be smart with their decisions to reach the final round.

Details on Heads Up Poker Championship Event

First Indian Heads Up Poker ChampionshipAccording to the sources, the Heads Up Poker Championship event will begin with 64 players. As the event advances, the number of players will be reduced by half. By reaching the end, only two players will remain. They are taking on each other in the final heads-up round to name a champion.

The betting odds are relatively high with this event, and the winner will also earn a trophy, cash prize, and the title of Heads Up Champion. The event will take place over two weeks and includes $200,000 in prize money for the first-placer.

About 9stacks

9stacks is the fastest-growing online poker platform in India. They have over 1 million subscribers who choose to play via the available app and website. The site often provides special events that are quite a famous amount the discussions on a casino forum site.

These events include the Heads-Up Championship, where it ensures that players have access to quality gaming options with the potential to earn significant prizes.

Furthermore, 9stacks believe in continually looking for new and exciting avenues to promote poker. One of the extremely competitive formats is the HEADS UP format. It is where only two players are at a time go head to head against each other.

It will be almost like a boozing match. For the first time. 9stacks have been able to conceptualize a tournament with this format. Wherein only one winner will come out of a select field of 64 players. The company believes that someone is truly deserving to be called a ‘champion.’


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