Gambling Sites Accept Coronavirus Betting

Gambling Sites Accept Coronavirus Betting

Illegal gambling sites take coronavirus betting, such as how many people infected with coronavirus daily. Offshore sites provide various ways of betting on the pandemic, including the number of new cases and the total number of infected.

It is immoral to gamble on people’s lives. However, it is just another betting option in the mind of a gambler. During the worldwide lockdowns and quarantines, online gambling continues to flourish.

Problem gamblers will bet on anything to get their regular fix. Sites offering lines related to the pandemic are found in various countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Problem gamblers, who can’t go to a casino or bet on sports, will bet on what’s available.

Illegal Gambling Sites Take Coronavirus Betting

Gambling Sites Accept Coronavirus BettingIllegal gambling sites are targeting players in Singapore and nearby Asian countries by accepting bets on the daily number of cases. Based on online gambling news reports, the sites allow bets on the last digit of the number of new cases announced by Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

According to sports betting odds sources, players can bet on whether the number is odd or even. Also, they can wager if the latest number is higher than the previous day’s numbers. The sites display daily odds and results together with other sports betting options. Also, the pandemic numbers have a more prominent place on the home page of the sites than football betting.

Sports betting forum experts are not surprised by some players betting on the coronavirus. COVID-19 betting surfaced after Singapore suspended legal betting outlets. Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools suspended their operations on April 7.

Due to the restrictions on movement, many players turn to online gambling sites. According to the latest data, online gambling activities increased by 65 percent since last month. Also, there’s a 255 percent increase in first-time users.

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