Guide to Advanced NBA Betting Types

Guide to Advanced NBA Betting Types

The National Basketball Association is where amazing happens. Aside from traditional handicaps and money lines, you can also wager on advanced NBA betting types. In this basketball betting tutorial, we will look at other ways you can wager on NBA games.

We will help you understand various wagering options for this online sports betting guide, including quarter and half, multiples, teasers, futures, and props. Then, you can add them to your wagering portfolio.

Advanced NBA Betting Types

Guide to Advanced NBA Betting TypesThe first advanced NBA betting type we will tackle is the quarter and half bets. According to Korea Live Sports, quarter and half wagers allow you to bet on the quarter or half results instead of the entire game. Most sportsbooks offer money lines, handicaps, and totals for halftime or quarter results.

The next betting type is Multiples. Some sportsbooks call it accumulators. Also, you need to combine two or more selections in one or more games. You need to pick all the winners correctly. If one of the wagers is unsuccessful, you will get nothing.

A teaser is a variation of the accumulator. However, a teaser has fixed odds. Also, players can change the handicap by subtracting points from the favorite or adding points to the underdog. Teasers usually cover two to six teams. In addition, some online sportsbooks offer value adjustments.

Sportsbooks allow players to wager on futures, such as which team wins the division, conference, or NBA championship before the start of the season or playoffs. Also, bookies usually adjust the odds throughout the season. However, the odds you placed your wager wouldn’t change.

Lastly, we have prop bets or propositions. Prop wagers focus on anything other than the typical game statistics, such as outcomes, score margins, or points. Prop bets have no limits, and they can be about anything occurring during the game. Some online sportsbooks even allow players to create prop bets.

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