How Tennis Rankings Work

How Tennis Rankings Work

When looking at online sports betting odds for tennis, you’ll see some players you don’t recognize. Smart bettors would look at tennis rankings to learn about tennis players and their recent performances. Knowing how handicappers calculate rankings allows you to adjust your biases and make better wagers.

When it comes to tennis rankings, there are two main systems, which are World Rankings and Elo Systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of World Tennis Rankings

How Tennis Rankings WorkWhen you read sports news, most of them refer to the World Rankings. Players need to maximize their ranking points to rank high in the system. Also, it based the points on players’ progression through tournaments. As a result, not participating in tournaments can influence one’s ranking.

When learning how to bet on sports, you can’t use world rankings to calculate win probability. Also, it doesn’t account for the surface. Thus, we don’t recommend using the world ranking when handicapping tennis.

Although World Ranking System is the most commonly referred to as the system that ranks tennis players, it is not a precise tool for measuring player performance. Both the ATP and WTA use similar ranking systems. Also, players’ points lasted for one calendar year and dropped after it. Also, tournaments have different amounts of points, depending on their categories.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elo Systems

On the other hand, most players are unaware of tennis Elo systems. It is a head-to-head system that allows you to compare player quality. However, Elo ratings don’t decay. Thus, they might not be current.

The best thing about Elo systems is their inherent way of calculating win probability. Also, it accounts for court surface. Among the Elo systems available, the best one is the Tennis Abstract. It regularly compiles the rankings and allows you to adjust for the tennis court surface.

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