Lee Kang-in Scored 2 Goals to Lead Mallorca Against Getafe

Lee Kang-in Scored 2 Goals to Lead Mallorca Against Getafe

Mallorca’s social media account praised Lee Kang-in for scoring two goals against Getafe on Monday. He started in the left midfield and scored his fourth and fifth goals of the La Liga Season. Also, it was his first time to achieve multiple goals in a league game.

According to sports betting reports, Lee is the first Korean to score two or more goals in a La Liga match. Also, he got nine attacking points this season. It is one point shy of having a double-digit attacking point for the season.

Lee scored the equalizer in the 56th minute after intercepting the goalie’s clearance. He got the ball near the center in stoppage time and drove toward the goal. Jene of Getafe tried to stop Lee. However, he failed to match Lee’s speed.

Lee Kang-in and Mallorca

Lee Kang-in Scored 2 Goals to Lead Mallorca Against GetafeOn its official social media account, La Liga hailed Lee as the greatest player of the day, dubbing him the “architect of the triumph.” Mallorca’s star, who has been instrumental in the team’s offensive all year, has been crowned “king” online.

Sports betting odds experts all agreed that Lee was a fantastic player. He spearheaded Mallorca’s assault on Getafe. Getafe’s defense was no match for him, either. Also, Lee made a break of more than 70 yards and scored a goal. The performance wowed the Korean fans, who stayed awake to see the game.

Lee’s recent play has fueled speculation about a possible move as per sports forum rumors. Aston Villa, a team in the English Premier League (EPL), reportedly has an 18-million-euro buyout clause for the player and is willing to pay it.

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