Malaysia Allowing Online Gambling with Muslim Secular Law

Malaysia Allowing Online Gambling with Muslim Secular Law

Malaysia is one of the Muslim countries that often but not always have strict views about gambling. The Quran states that participating in games of chance is a grave sin. Also, the Quran condemns gambling and alcohol together in the same verse. But with the Muslim Secular Law, does this mean Malaysia is to allow online gambling?

Malaysia is a predominately Muslim country, with 60% of its residents being Islam. Muslim scholars still agree that it is acceptable for Muslims to participate in ethical challenges. It also includes competitions and sports. But what makes is unacceptable is the involvement of betting according to sources of online casinos.

Most of the time, religion shapes the laws of a country. In Malaysia, they have two sets of rules. One applied to Muslim residents, including tourists visiting Malaysia. The other law applies to non-Muslims.

How the Muslim Secular Law Permits Online Gambling?

Malaysia Allowing Online Gambling with Muslim Secular LawTwo separate legal systems function with their court systems in the country. One being religious law, and the other is the Muslim secular law. It is necessary as the secular courts basis the common law that is not experts on Islamic law. The people in Malaysia, though, are covered by two laws if they are Muslims, but only one applies for non-Muslims.

The secular law permits gambling only if authorized by law. However, Islam law is merely prohibiting gambling in all circumstances, with no exemptions. If a Muslim is caught gambling, he will, therefore, be fined and imprisoned.

How Poker Become Popular?

Poker is not that popular in Malaysia when you look into the history. Nevertheless, with the presence of the internet, a lot of Malaysians are trying online casino games such as poker. It is their only venue since there are no legal land-based poker rooms in the country.

Furthermore, the government in Malaysia is not giving licenses for online gambling like with traditional gambling. Players are playing online with foreign-based gambling sites. The players have no problem with it. It is also not a hassle as there are a lot of online casinos that are readily available to play with.

If you wish to gamble online in Malaysia and try the betting odds, it is best to use international sites. Gambling sites that are based in Malaysia are illegal. These are operating without any regulation and cannot guarantee security. As a responsible player, you should access online gambling sites that are reliable and secured.


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