Mousesports vs Faze Clan – ESL One Betting Prediction

Mousesports vs Faze Clan – ESL One Betting Prediction

The two sides of the Mousesports vs Faze Clan match are employing different approaches. Faze Clan has been having a good season by winning their first three matches. They won against North, G2, and Movistar Riders.

On the other hand, Mousesports is the opposite. The team that dominated 2019 CS: GO tournaments is nowhere to be seen this year. The new roster lost its first two games and barely won against C0ntact, according to an eSports betting pick forum.

Prediction Analysis for 05/01/2020

Mousesports vs Faze Clan – ESL One Betting PredictionIf Faze Clan wins against Mousesports, they will secure a spot of the upper bracket of the ESL One. Another Mousesports defeat will reduce the team’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs. Faze Clan has several superstars in the roster, including Heck, olofmeister, coldzera, and NiKo.

Heck is turning out to be an excellent addition to the team. The 19-year-old Latvian superstar is second only to NiKo since the start of the year. NiKo is still the leader of the pack as he helped the team win four straight games by keeping his cool during tough situations.

When it comes to the map pool, Faze Clan will be the better team on Inferno, Overpass, and Mirage. Mousesports has the advantage in Vertigo and Train. Nuke and Dust 2 can go both ways, according to sports betting odds sites.

Although Faze Clan are the slight favorites going into the match, Mousesports has the edge in their head-to-head matches. The latter won the last three best-of-three series, with two games held within the previous month. The last time Mousesports lost against Faze was in August 2019.

Mousesports vs Faze Clan Betting Pick

Game time: 05/01/2020 at 12:30 PM ET

Bet on Mousesports at -112

Although it seems like Faze Clan has the momentum going into the match, our betting picks are on Mousesports. The team is expected to get its fourth straight win against Faze.

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