Oddin.gg Partnered with NSoft to Increase eSports Footprint

Oddin.gg Partnered with NSoft to Increase eSports Footprint

eSports betting solutions supplier Oddin.gg partnered with NSoft to increase its Footprint in the eSports industry. The new partnership will combine the former’s expertise in offering esports wagering solutions with the latter’s market knowledge.

According to Korea sports news sources, NSoft is known as a reliable content supplier and platform. As a result, the partnership would assist Oddin in becoming successful. Also, the company can offer its services to a broader audience. According to the co-founder of Oddin.gg Marek Suchar, they share the same vision of product quality, expansion, and innovation.

According to online casino Korea reports, the new deal will allow NSoft’s clients to access the eSports wagering experience via Oddin. Also, Oddin offers a wide range of solutions, including 24/7 content, marketing services, widgets, and iFrame.

Oddin.gg Partnered with NSoft

Oddin.gg Partnered with NSoft to Increase eSports Footprint

NSoft CEO and esports fan Dario Jurcic remarked on the significance of the esports ecosystem, emphasizing that his company is constantly searching for the most outstanding esports providers to add to its client portfolio.

Casino directory specialists predict that integrating Oddin’s ecosystem will strengthen NSoft’s product offering in its main markets. Among its features are an omnichannel, turnkey betting solution, virtual games based on draw-based methods, lotteries, virtual sports betting, and casino content.

By reaching a deal with MaxBet last month, Oddin.gg was able to join the Balkan esports market and provide its iFrame solution to the online casino and betting operator in Serbia, Montenegro, and Republika Srpska, one of the two states constituting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Oddin.gg has provided QTech Games, an Asian game distributor, with its entire product catalog since earlier this month thanks to an arrangement between the two companies.

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