Spanish Coalition Government Releases New Gambling Restrictions

Spanish Coalition Government Releases New Gambling Restrictions

The Spanish coalition government released its proposed gambling restrictions for the new year. The Unidos Podemos and PSOE unveiled a complete gambling plan for 2020 that included priority regulation to stop gambling.

The coalition revealed six actions made to achieve its goal, including regulation of gambling ads like the one imposed on tobacco products. In 2005, the country introduced new rules that prohibited tobacco products from sponsorship contracts. Also, the government restricted promotion and advertising in the media.

The coalition government said that it would introduce new regulations made to reinforce people’s self-awareness. Their goal is to encourage healthy gambling practices and stop problematic gaming patterns.

Spanish Coalition Government Fight Against Problem Gambling

Spanish Coalition Government Releases New Gambling RestrictionsThe government is working with regions to stop gambling establishments from opening before 10 pm. Also, they want to limit their closeness to schools. The government wants gambling facilities to display signs about the dangers of gambling, like the ones seen on cigarette packs.

They will collect administration fees that will go to the prevention, awareness, and intervention programs of the government, according to internet gaming Korea news sites. Also, they will use the fund to repair the negative effects of gambling.

The government wants online gambling operators to be accountable for their part in the gambling problem. It wants the operators to be involved in the development of information, prevention, and treatment programs regarding problem gambling.

In 2018, the trade group CeJuego criticized the government for having a lack of knowledge about the gambling sector. It was the time when there were plans to introduce severe advertising restrictions involving gambling products.

The group told betting odds insiders that Spain has one of the lowest rates in global problem gambling at 0.3 percent. It pointed out that society has bigger significant issues it needs to tackle first. Around 18 percent of young people in the country. Also, 7 percent of the adult population are compulsive shoppers.

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