Titans at Panther NFL Betting Pick for 11/3/2019

Titans at Panther NFL Betting Pick for 11/3/2019

This Sunday for NFL week 9 we have several matchups that will decide the future of several teams.  However, this time around we will go with an easy to predict game that has high money-making potential.  Thus, here is our Titans at Panther NFL Betting Pick for 11/3/2019 and why you should bet on this game.

  • Matchup: Carolina Panthers vs Tennessee Titans
  • Game Time: November 2, 2019 at 12:01 PM ET
  • Location: Bank of America Stadium

Titans at Panthers NFL Betting Pick Prediction

Titans at Panthers NFL Betting Pick PredictionThe last few games have been successful for the Titans in terms of wins. However, the quality of the rivals in those games have been less than average.  Thus, according to Pay Per Head Bookie experts, there is concern about whether they can win against a strong team. This is because they only won their last game by only 4 points which should have been an easy game for them.

The offense for the Titans isn’t so solid as what the expectations were made. The Titans have just figured out how to get 18.5 focuses a game, yet have wound up getting an aggregate of 328 yards a game on the year, 230 passing and 98 surging. Protectively the Titans are going into the game with 16.9 focuses a game permitted. The guard for the Titans is surrendering 354 yards a game, 257 noticeable all around and 97 on the ground.

NFL Sports betting prediction statistics have Carolina going into the game with a 4-3 record.  This also includes being 1-2 at home for this year so far.  What is extremely disappointing for the Panthers is the group played awful in the last game. The Panthers permitted the San Francisco offense to place in 51 in the game and the offense of the Panthers could just react with a sum of 13.

According Sports Betting Odds websites, the Panthers are able to score an aggregate of 25.6 focuses a game. The offense has wound up with 363 yards aggregate on the year, 233 passing and 130 hurrying. The resistance for the Panthers is surrendering 26.3 focuses a game on the year. The resistance has permitted just 375 yards a game, 239 passing and 135 yards hurrying.

Who to Bet On for this Game

Bet on the Carolina Panthers at -3.5

It is true that the Carolina Panthers currently have a morale problem while the Titans are in high spirit.  However, this will be their undoing because the Titans have a simple defense that cannot withstand the Panthers’ offense.

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