Who will Win the 2020 MLB World Series?

This sports betting pick will be a little bit different than our usual predictions.  This is because of the coronavirus delaying or the 2020 MLB season. However, with the current baseball betting statistics, we have a good idea as to Who will Win the 2020 MLB World Series.

Of course, MLB betting fans will probably have to wait until November or even December to watch the World Series.  Despite it all, many sports wagering website already have odds out for the 2020 World Series. Thus, using these sports betting odds, statistics, and current injury report here is our 2020 World Series Baseball Betting Prediction!

VOBET Odds to Win the 2020 MLB World Series

  • New York Yankees +350
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • Houston Astros +700
  • Atlanta Braves +1400
  • Washington Nationals +1600
  • Minnesota Twins +2000
  • New York Mets +2000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +2000
  • Louis Cardinals +2000
  • Tampa Bay Rays +2200

2020 World Series Baseball Betting Prediction

2020 World Series Baseball Betting PredictionThe chances on top picks are the Dodgers and the Yankees. Presently, these two groups are certainly ready and all set. However, there is one team that is near the top that could have a free fall contingent. Yes, we are talking about the Astros and it will depend upon their potential suspension.

This is because the Astros do have a gigantic measure of ability that could assist help them win.  Unfortunately, without a decent coach the Astros will have a difficult time.

Two more teams that are possible contenders this year are the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals. This is because both teams have the talent and the drive to arrive at the World Series. However, since the season will be short this year, it is doubtful they will make it to the World Series.  This is because these two teams usually start slow and need time before they become contenders.

Who to Bet On for the 2020 World Series?

Bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers at +350

This year, the World Series champion is going to originate from one of the top teams. In all actuality, with a short season in the making, the winner will come in hard and fast. Thus, the Dodgers will play at their best and be ready to defeat any challengers. However, this is only if the Dodgers pitching staff and Ryu Hyun JIn can continue at their current pace.

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