Government Presents New Norway Gambling Act

Government Presents New Norway Gambling Act

The government presented a new Norway Gambling Act. Also, they promised more stringent punishments towards unlicensed gambling operators.

The new gambling law would unify Norway’s Lottery Act, Totalisator Act, and the Gambling Act. Also, it would maintain the current market monopoly shared by Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

According to the best online casinos, the Norwegian government will boost the exclusive rights model. They would do so by imposing fines on other operators who want to offer online gambling.

New Norway Gambling Act

Government Presents New Norway Gambling ActThe government first proposed the new gambling act in June 2020. It was also that year when they notified the European Commission of the proposed amended law. According to operators of online casinos in South Korea, the new law would crackdown on illegal online gambling operators.

According to Korean sportsbook reports, the government sees the new gambling act as a milestone in preventing gambling problems. Also, it would ensure responsible gaming. The government wants to stop offshore gambling companies that don’t care about Norwegian gambling laws. They operate without any safeguards for their players’ safety and security.

The new gambling law provides the Norwegian Lotteries Authority with tools for monitoring, reacting, and punishing violators of the law. However, the Norwegian gaming industry criticized some parts of the new law. They didn’t want the monopoly to continue.

The proposed gambling act prohibits marketing gambling without a Norwegian license. Also, the law would apply to both operators and their affiliates. The new act will turn marketing gambling to children into a criminal offense. Also, it bans the use of credit cards for gambling purposes. They hope that the ban would improve responsible gambling habits.

Operators need to implement accountability policies. Also, marketing to self-excluded individuals will be a crime. The government said that its gambling policies had yielded positive results throughout the years.

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