KBO Teams Open to Playing Playoffs at Neutral Venue

KBO Teams Open to Playing Playoffs at Neutral Venue

As the 2020 Korean Baseball Organization postseason gets pushed towards early winter due to the coronavirus pandemic, teams are willing to hold playoffs at neutral venue. That way, the climate-controlled site can ensure a warmer environment for both fans and players.

General managers from various KBO teams agreed to play the postseason games at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. It is the only domed baseball park in South Korea. Also, it is home to the Kiwoom Heroes.

The idea was one of the agendas during the executive committee of the GMs with the KBO officials last Tuesday. According to internet gaming Korea sources, the proposal is still up for final approval from the board of governors.

Playoffs at Neutral Venue

KBO Teams Open to Playing Playoffs at Neutral VenueTeam and KBO officials have been thinking about ideas that can save the 2020 season. The KBO season was scheduled to start last Saturday. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to the delay of the opening indefinitely.

The KBO hopes to start the season by late April or early May. That way, they can play all 144 games in a shortened schedule. Based on sports betting predictions, the season must start not later than May 5 to play all 144 games before December.

When that happens, there will be no All-Star game in July. Also, teams need to play doubleheaders and games on Mondays, which is usually the off day for the league. Team and KBO officials are thinking of ways to keep players and fans warm once November comes.

Temperatures drop to single digits in late November, according to sports betting sources. Also, the wind chill temperature can decrease to almost zero degrees. Playing in open stadiums can increase the risks of injuries to players. Also, it will expose fans to cold conditions.

However, one challenge for the plan is the availability of the dome in November. It is a popular venue for music award shows and concerts during the off-season.

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