Live Sic Bo Tutorial

Live Sic Bo Tutorial

Sic Bo is one of the most exciting casino games. Unlike other popular table games, it is played with dice than of cards. The game may appear complicated, but you’ll see it is just simple once you understand the game. Learn how to play the live dealer casino version with our Live Sic Bo tutorial.

The game Sic Bo is played with three dice, and players will bet on these rolls’ outcome. The sites for online casino Korea offer players multiple betting options. Discover new strategies and optimize your chances of winning while playing live Sic Bo.

How to Play Live Sic Bo Tutorial

Live Sic Bo TutorialOur gambling tutorials provide sufficient information to be able to understand how a game works. We will be able to start our Live Sic Bo tutorial by providing its rules. The goal in Sic Bo is to determine the value or the outcome of the thrown dice.

The players will be able to bet on the outcome of one, two, or all dice that are rolled. Each bet will offer different payouts, and multiple bets can be placed on a single game. Players are a live table though they will be unable to roll the actual dice. Once all bets are in place, the dealer will roll the dice. The payout amounts are based on the related bets after the completion of the roll.

Players Bet Options

Small and Big Bets

Sic Bo has two most popular bets, the Small and Big, wherein players must predict the three dice’s total. Small bets will total between 4 and 10, and big bets count between 11 and 17. These are even money bets and are the safest for those that are just starting the game. These bets will lose if the roll results are a triple. Will all three numbers have the same value.

Double and Triple Bets

Also, a Double bet is placed when players feel that the same number will appear on two of the three dice. Players can bet a double from 1 to 6, and the payout will be 10:1. Additionally, a similar bet is the Triple, where all three dice must have the same value after the roll. This is a specific bet and players will choose from 1 to 6 with a payout of 180:1. However, players can place an Any Triple bet where it offers a 30:1 payout.

Combination Bets

Totals and Combination bets are also accepted. The total bet will be based on all three dice’s total value ranging from 4 to 17. The payouts will vary based on probability, and the payouts are displayed on the betting table. On the other hand, a combination bet is placed hoping for two specific numbers on the three dice. This offers a 5:1 payout.


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