Senators to Debate Georgia Online Gambling Legalization

Senators to Debate Georgia Online Gambling Legalization

Georgia lawmakers are looking into sports betting to revitalize the state’s tax revenue. However, Senator Brandon Beach is unsure if they should legalize sports betting. It should be noted that Senator Beach is a long-time supported on Georgia online gambling legalization.

Although the state is open to gamble, it seems like lawmakers are not inclined to make sports betting legal. Senator Beach told virtual sports betting sites that senators need further deliberation on the issue.

Senator chairs the committee that created a 13-page proposal for a regulatory framework for gambling. However, there’s no legislation passed onto the Senate. On the other hand, a House of Representatives committee is working to find new sources of income for Georgia, including gambling.

Georgia Online Gambling Legalization

Senators to Debate Georgia Online Gambling Legalization To make gambling legal in the state, it requires constitutional reforms. It will need a supermajority or two-thirds of the Georgia Senate and House. Then, it will go to a referendum where voters can decide if they want to make gambling legal.

Representative Ron Stephens has an endorsement for the potential gambling industry in the state. Also, he included suggestions for possible hotel-casino resort locations. One of the suggested sites is Atlanta.

Supporters of legal gambling suggested two locations, one near the Chattahoochee River and another at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Bob Wright, a supporter of the Chattahoochee River resort, told a gambling news site that there is an ongoing active development in the area and a casino resort will be an excellent addition to it.

Gambling reviews and news outlets learned that Senator Beach has been pushing for expansion of gambling in the state. He hopes that sports betting will bring more jobs and revenue to Georgia. Also, the legalization of sports betting has the support of Atlanta Braves, Falcons, and United.

However, Senator Beach is against online gambling. He said that it would eliminate the opportunity to construct facilities, such as race tracks and casinos. As a result, it will not generate jobs. A proposed compromise was to legalize both online and retail sportsbooks. Sports betting odds are favorable for the proposal as it got a warm reception from the House of Representatives.

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