Sportradar Partners with the Chinese Basketball Association

Sportradar Partners with the Chinese Basketball Association

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Furthermore, basketball in China is no exception with over 625 million fans representing a huge market for investors. According to basketball forums, Chinese basketball might get an even bigger share of the market this year.  This is because according to the latest gambling industry news, Sportradar Partners with Chinese Basketball Association to attract foreigners.

For Sportradar, this deal means strengthening their presence in China thanks to this multi-year partnership with the CBA. According to iGaming News, they will be collecting data from regular and post season and All-Star games from the CBA.

Sportradar Partners with the Chinese Basketball Association for more foreign interest

Sportradar Partners with the Chinese Basketball Association for more foreign interestSportradar AG is an international company in Switzerland that collects and analyzes sports data. For the sports industry, they are an important source of information for national and international sports organizations and media companies.

Many sportsbook and sports gambling operators, rely on their information to set their sports betting odds. In fact, several iGaming Platform use their data as part of their wagering platform. Needless to say, they more data the collect and offer the more clients they can get.

In this case, Sportradar signing a multi-year deal with the CBA is very important to them. This is because this partnership will help the CBA raise awareness of their league nationally and internationally. Basketball is popular in China but the majority of them watch the NBA instead of the CBA. According to the latest statistics, Thus, the deal with Sportradar could be very beneficial to the CBA.

In addition, this data from Sportradar could lead to CBA data going to other stakeholders in the industry. This could potentially lead to CBA streaming services, broadcasters and OTT companies outside of China. Thus, it would make the CBA more accessible to foreigners and give more options to basketball betting fans.

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