Veteran KBO Catcher Shows His Underrated Speed

Veteran KBO Catcher Shows His Underrated Speed

One thing you don’t associate catchers with is speed. However, that might change after a veteran KBO catcher helped the Twins come from behind to win against the Bears. Yoo Kang-nam only has seven stolen bases in his career, but he made them when it mattered the most.

Yoo told sports news outlets that he is one of the few catchers who can steal bases. He showed it during the game against the Bears on Tuesday. Thus, he helped the Twins overcome the deficit to win 4-3.

At the bottom of the fifth inning, the score is even at 1-1. Yoo ran from the second base to home after Hong Chang-ki hit a single to the left-field. Also, there were already two out. However, that didn’t stop the catcher from running as soon as Hong’s bat touched the ball. The ball didn’t go long, and Bears’ Jo Soo-haeng caught it after one bounce. Unfortunately, his throw forced Park Sei-hyok to go a couple of feet behind the home plate. Thus, it allowed Yoo to slide safely on the plate.

Veteran KBO Catcher Steals Bases

Veteran KBO Catcher Shows His Underrated SpeedBefore the play where Yoo scored the run, he already ran from the second base to home. However, it was a foul ball, and Yoo had to go back to second base. Also, Yoo was still catching his breath when Hong hit the single. So, the catcher had to turn on his turbo again and run towards the plate.

In the seventh inning, Yoo had a double. However, it was in the second inning when the catcher ran the hardest. It was also his first at-bat for the game. Unfortunately, he bounced due to a double play. But, according to online sports betting reports, Yoo tried to beat the throw to first and keep the rally.

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