What You Need to Know About Baseball Run Line

What You Need to Know About Baseball Run Line

The baseball run line provides an exciting wagering opportunity for fans or people who bet on sports. Although analyzing the run line can be overwhelming, it can be profitable for people who put effort into it.

We have a guide to help you understand how to bet on the baseball run line. When you follow our tips, you’ll see your bankroll improve over time.

Guide to Baseball Run Line

What You Need to Know About Baseball Run LineThere are several ways to wager on baseball. When you browse a sports betting site, you’ll see the run line, like a point spread in football. Often, the bookie sets the run line at -1.5 runs for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog.

If you wager on the favorite, the team must win by at least two runs. On the other hand, the underdog needs to outright win or lose by a single point for your wager to cover the run line.

Around a quarter of KBO games are decided by a single run. Thus, the run line is often set at +/- 1.5. When you wager on the run line, there are four possible results:

  • Favorite loses by two or more runs
  • Favorite loses by one run
  • Favorite wins by one run
  • Favorite wins by two or more runs.

According to statistics, underdogs cover or win run lines 61 percent of the time at home and 56 percent on the road. However, that doesn’t mean that you always bet on the underdogs. There are instances in which the -1.5 favorite brings more value.

The favorite needs to win by a specific number of runs for the player to win. However, there’s a significant difference between run line and spread betting. Baseball sportsbooks know that underdogs cover the run line regularly. Thus, they set the betting odds to attract wagers on the favorites.

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