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What You Need to Know about Reverse Line Movement

By now, you know about betting lines and odds. It is time to understand more advanced line movement. We will teach you about the reverse line movement.

Reverse line movement or RLM is something that has been around ever since people start betting on sports. It has something to do with the losing players and sports betting winnings. It is when the line moves in the opposite direction from the side supported by the market.

Keep in mind that betting odds percentages found on a bookie website are not a good representation of the money bet on the market. Instead, the numbers represent the wagers accepted by the bookie on each side of the line.

Reverse Line Movement

Betting Lines, Odds, Betting PercentagesAccording to a sports forum, you can exploit the Reverse Line Movement in your favor. However, it requires knowing how much money is wagered by the winning side of the betting community is next to impossible. Also, it needs more time and effort to be successful.

For instance, a sportsbook opened the market for an upcoming Real Madrid (+1) and Barcelona (-1) fixture. You can tell right away that the sportsbook doesn’t mean that Barcelona will win by at least two goals. On the other hand, it shows how the bookie balances both sides of the line.

In regular instances, the bookie will push the line away from Barcelona to make it -1.5 or -2 if there is more action on its side. Thus, players would consider Real Madrid as the better option. It becomes a reverse line movement because the bookie would shorten the line for Real Madrid. RLM happens when the bookie sees early indicators that sharp players are going to wager on Real Madrid.

Keep in mind that the example above is a simplified version of Reverse Line Movement. It would be best if you did not take it literally because there are many factors a bookie considers before reversing the line.

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