Tokyo Olympics Updated Rules – No Quarantine but More Tests

Tokyo Olympics Updated Rules – No Quarantine but More Tests

The IOC and organizers of the Tokyo Olympics updated rules on how thousands of Olympic and Paralympic athletes can participate in the Summer Games. According to the latest sports news reports, the IOC released the second version of its guidebook known as Playbooks.

The Playbooks explained how the Olympics could be pulled even if Tokyo, Osaka, and other parts of the country have been under the third state of emergency. Japan placed the areas in a state of emergency due to a surge of COVID-19 cases. Japan has been slow in vaccinating locals. At present, health officials said that around one percent of the population received the vaccine.

Organizers said that athletes would have daily coronavirus tests. Also, they will remove the 14-day mandatory quarantine. The athletes can train once they arrived in the country. However, athletes need to stay within the Olympic Village and other training areas.

Tokyo Olympics Updated Rules

Tokyo Olympics Updated Rules – No Quarantine but More TestsAccording to sports wagering sources, the IOC requires testing staff and athletes twice before leaving their country of origin. Also, they need to be tested when they arrive in Japan. The IOC updated the Playbook for athletes Wednesday. Also, they unveiled the Playbooks for media and others last Friday. They will publish the final version of the Playbooks in June.

Based on a recent poll, 70 to 80 percent of locals opposed the holding of the Olympics this year. Organizers barred foreign fans from going to Japan for the event. Also, organizers are waiting until June to decide whether fans will be at the venues during the Olympics.

Earlier this month, Minister Taro Kono suggested holding events in empty venues. He oversees the vaccination in the country. IOC President Thomas Bach is still uncertain if he is attending the torch relay in Hiroshima from May 17 to 18. The event will be several days after the end of the state of emergency. According to sports betting pick sources, the state of emergency will end on May 11.

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